A night aborad: crossing borders

jueves, 01 de abril de 2021
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You asked for it, You got it! In collaboration with Red Room Rendezvous, “A Night Abroad” will now be hosted every month! And it's all thanks to you! Each time with more surprises. 🎉 This time we partnered up with Culpass to take you on a night of exploring different countries and cultures around the world. YOUR COUNTRY could be one of those! 🌎 🌍 So call your friends and join us for A NIGHT ABROAD and get to know about other cultures, traditions, styles, and beautiful places of countries around the world. Let’s take advantage of living in a modern and multicultural society and bridge that gap! 💪🏼 Who knows if it’ll end up being your next destination when Taiwan opens its borders.✈️ OH! Don’t think we forgot about the games many of you had so much fun playing! After having teleported your mind to these beautiful countries, we'll have a bunch of different board games for you to play with your friends, while making new friends! 👥 Psst… if there's a game you want to bring to the event please let us know in advance! Don’t miss out on the opportunity where locals and foreigners have the chance to connect and socialize, creating a night filled with cultural exchange and much laughter. 🎉 ✈️ 🌎 ♥️ 👥


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