Pizza Break Pitching

domingo, 07 de marzo de 2021
c/prueba, Madrid
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Are you an artists, musician, performer, or an expert in any cultures who is seeking to further share your passion to others? Wish to hold more events yourself but not sure how or where to start? or just wanna connect with like-minded people? Why not join us to connect with those who share similar passion at our Pizza Break Pitching event! Hmmm Pitching...🤔 I hear you, sounds a bit too much? so heres what's really gonna happen. 🍕Prepare to mingle, starting with our exciting icebreaker! (and be pumped up :P) 🍕🍕Be yourself. Share what your expertise are, and be inspired by others 🍕🍕🍕Participation is key to creating great ideas. We love to hear what your experience have been with planning events. And most importantly, all the above will be conducted where we can enjoy authentic Italian pizza, at the amazing Cura Pizza !!!


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